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Youth Substance Abuse Stinks!
And W7SDCC Is Doing Something About It In DC's Ward 7!

Drug and alcohol abuse are a plague on the District of Columbia, one that inflicts particularly harsh and cruel damage on youth. The statistics on underage drinking are frightening: About one-third of DC public and charter high school students drank alcohol in the past month … About one in four high school students took their first drink of alcohol before the age of 13 … One study showed that minors were able to purchased beer successfully in 97% of DC stores … Alcohol is the primary contributor to the leading causes of adolescent deaths … Between 12 and 20% of all the alcohol consumed in the United States is drunk by people who are legally too young to drink alcohol …For many individuals, the heaviest drinking period in their lives is before they reach the age of 21 … More than 95 % of U.S. adults who are alcohol-dependent started drinking before they were 21 … For some, early use of alcohol and other substances may actually change brain development in long-lasting and detrimental ways.

Young people across all areas of the City are affected, and DC’s Ward 7, with the largest number of District children living in its neighborhoods, is no exception. That’s where The Ward 7 Safe and Drug-free Communities Coalition (W7SDCC) comes in.

W7SDCC is comprised of concerned, Ward 7 residents and business leaders and others from across Greater Washington, dedicated to protecting kids’ minds, bodies, spirits and futures and committed to finding new solutions for combating substance abuse in Ward 7 and beyond.

Click here to read W7SDCC’s groundbreaking
research study of Ward 7 youth attitudes and
behaviors toward substance abuse.